Friday, December 31, 2010

The Responsibilities of Leadership

The leadership of all organizations have two and only two responsibilities:
  • Setting and Managing the organization's vision, mission, strategies, and processes.  The key method they use to manage the mission, strategies, and processes is investment in various types of resources.  The resources include investing in skilled personnel, tooling (mechanisms in the IDEF0 model), and inputs.  In terms of requirements, these are the "must perform" requirements of leadership.
  • Governing and managing the organization's policies and standards.  Policies and standards include laws, regulations, and "business" rules.  In terms of requirements, these are the "must meet" (design constraint) type of requirements of leadership.
The military gets leadership right...lives depend on it.  In military organizational parlance units have "must perform" missions, strategies, processes, and "must meet" rules of engagement.

Also see "The Purpose of Governement"

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